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The Don't Fucking Cares

Negative For Fun

1. Babeland
2. Black Eyeliner No1
3. Download
4. Repercussions
5. Sulphate
6. Real People
7. Reality Bugs Me
8. Something About You
9. NY Bitches
10. Speedtrap
11. Subtext

Released 3rd July 2012 on Röka Records

"The Don't Fucking Cares are the kind of band that come along every now and then to strip all the superfluous gilding from the face of rock'n'roll, leaving it in its purest, most feral state.

The Stooges are kings and The Runaways are queens, and there's no time for anything more than raw power, curled lips and explosive cherry bomb hooks. With front women Marta Larsson verbally kicking the rest of the band gleefully down the street while channelling her inner Joan Jett, it's all pure, uncomplicated thrills.

Negative For Fun is unlikely to make much of an impact outside of the scuzzy world of dive bars and car park brawls that it joyfully inhabits, but one look at their name will show you how much that will bother the band, so long as they're making a gloriously unpolished racket. 7/10"

Emma Johnston
Classic Rock Issue #173



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Underage Demon

1. Underage Demon
2. Nihilism is a Fact of Life

Released 23rd February 2009 on Röka Records
CD and 7" Vinyl

"The don’t fucking cares ‘underage demon’ (roka). Name alone warrants their imposition to an affectionate spot in our heart, the don’t fucking cares admit sounds great - bet you wished you’d called your band that - much deserving of its own branded t-shirt boutique is it not. Anyhow the Don’t Fucking Cares (wonder if they do t-shirts?) have been around in some shape or form since 2006 (there’s already been a debut platter ‘download’ which to much gnashing of the choppers we’ve missed out on) and hail from London, number four in the ranks and are led from the front by Marta whose DNA it seems appears to be spliced from Suzi Q, Joan Jett and a youthful Toyah (especially on ’nihilism is a fact of life’). Sound wise they play a grizzled melodic mutation assembled from second generation punk dialects and skewed ‘n’ scuzzy garage beat pop that’s been informed by both glam and the mid 70’s CBGB’s scene. ‘underage demon’ is deliciously dirty and decadent, a scuzzy babe that cross wires and twists around a sweetly seductive wasted and sleazy vibe whose prime constituents are riddled with the infectious infusion of garage beat motifs and stripped down punk pop accents that’s all at once littered and scarred by a flat lining boredom filled no future dialect that buckles barbed and beautifully like a corrosive variant of the Priscillas. Flip the disc ’nihilism is a fact of life’ a rally of sorts against societies infatuation with celebrity - they’ve got our vote on that one - just utterly pains me to see these brainless oiks invading my recreational viewing and reading habits while can I just say here and now - Alistair Darling - has he or has he not got a face that you could happily punch for fun. Okay the baiting done with - sharp intake of breath count to ten and all that lark - nah it hasn’t worked ho hum. Anyway where were we - ah yes the Don’ t fucking cares (great name eh? - what - oh sorry we’ve done that have we - still it is great) - ’Nihilism is a fact of life’ indeed well tasty aggressive angst ridded pogo pop all metered out with stuttering riffs and a seriously fucked off charm - kinda reminded us of a very youthful two finger waving Vice Squad. Utterly recommended. We’ve just noticed a ‘rare’ demo EP entitled ‘cardboard hearts’ that we suspect we need to own, hear and play to certain destruction before we get too much older. Prepare to see more of this lot in these pages."

missive 194 - Losingtoday Magazine February 2009



available from:

Rough Trade, London
Bleecker Bob's, New York
Rebel Rebel, New York
Pet sounds, Stockholm
Sound Pollution, Stockholm
Garageland Records, Umea
Burmans Musik, Umea
Born Bad Records, Paris
Ground Zero, Paris

Download EP

1. Download
2. Something About You
3. Now I Feel Good (All The Time)
4. Speedtrap

Released 5th November 2007
Limited Edition CD and 7" Vinyl

"Loud aggressive guitar sounds and abrasive vocal mix make this band stand out from the crowd. The EP kicks off a real, true working class rocker 'Download' the title track of this release, it grabs your attention by the throat, kicks your ass, knees you in the balls, and leaves you quivering on the ground wanting more!!!!
Does rock 'n roll get any better?
Is this what rock 'n roll is all about?
You bet it is!!!
Marta delivers a certain quality over the top of really gutsy punkrock driven songs, and catchy choruses... this I almost 1977all over again for me!!
The songs aren't blasted out at 100MPH either, there's a steadiness to the whole sound which helps deliver the power... like listening to Iggy's 'Raw Power', these songs are well executed and well timed. They leave you wanting more and more and more, whether you fucking care or not. They don't!!!
'There's something about you' is a mid-tempo blast in the head, with its 'there's something about you... there's something about you... there's something about you',,,chorus and power-chord guitar...it's all over too quickly...I want MORE!!!!!!"

Chris Rockson - Punk Globe Magazine December 2007


Download CD Single

1. Download
2. Something About You

Released June 2007
Original CD Single


Cardboard Heartbeats

1. Cardboard Heartbeats
2. Reality Bugs Me
3. Something About You

Released December 2006
Rare First Demo CD